We think our gym is great - but just in case you don't believe us, here are some of our members talking about their experience with us.

It's our members that make our club special - so come in and see what all the fuss is about!

Sandra McCarthy:

Female Federation has changed my life.


Two years ago we moved from a small township - where I knew everyone - to Christchurch. What a cultural shock, I knew nobody and felt alone. Then I was introduced to Female Federation, initially I was not sure as I am one of the older variety and thought gyms were for the young ones.

How wrong could I be; Meg and the team could not have done more to welcome me. A program was worked out specifically for me so I had purpose and could plan my time at the gym.

Then I was introduced to the classes which range from Pilates and Yoga to Bodyfit and Stretch. They are brilliant, the instructors ensure you have a good work out as well as making the classes fun. The icing on the cake is that I have made friends with a fabulous group of women, we go for coffee after class and often socialise together during the week.

You will fit into Female Federation in what ever stage of life you are in and what ever shape you are.

Natasha Lombart:

"I’ll be completely honest; just before Meg and her team took over at Female Federation I was ready to, and about to leave. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and whilst wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t getting much enjoyment from coming to what was then called Viva and doing what I simply felt I had to do. That’s completely changed now. There is a new lease of life in the gym, the amazing team, the classes and even the equipment…..and I love it! It’s no longer somewhere I feel I just have to go, it’s somewhere I want to go and really enjoy my time here. I previously wouldn’t attend many classes and now it’s the main way I use the gym. It’s a great environment and you can see and feel the results. Meg and her team have listened to the members wants and needs and are always looking to better and adapt themselves for the benefit of their members and this really shows. The classes are open and welcoming to all abilities and give you a great variety of work-outs so you’re never left bored.
I’ve also been training with Maria, one of Female Federations PT’s. She is quite literally the embodiment of beauty outside and in. She goes above and beyond every time we train and genuinely supports, encourages and wants to get the best from you every step of the way. Her continuous positive attitude, and kind nature has been one of best parts of being a member of Fem Fed, and for that I’m truly grateful!"